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  • PROFIT Project: 3 years of innovation

    As the project on PROFIT (PROfessionalisation Framework on Innovation in Tourism) ends at the end of this year, the partners held their en...
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  • ISTO welcomes 7 new members

    The ISTO Board of Directors approved the accession of 7 new members on October 15 in Paris. Who are they?INSTITUTO HONDUREÑO DE TURISMO - Ho...
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  • Open Letter: Creation of European Commission portfolio on "Transport and Tourism"

    ISTO, together with 49 other European tourism stakeholders, published an open letter to Ursula von der Leyen, President-elect of the Europea...
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  • Nearly 80 participants at ISTO's annual event

    ISTO members met in Paris on 15-16 October to participate in the General Assembly and various thematic meetings dealing with European proj...
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  • ISTO welcomes its new logo and focuses on the SDGs 

    A new logoOn 15 and 16 October, ISTO was happy to present to its members a brand new logo, in relation with its strategic repositioning. Kee...
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  • Gothenburg and Málaga selected as 2020 European Capitals of Smart Tourism

    Press releaseGothenburg (Sweden) and Málaga (Spain) have been selected as the winners of the EU's 2020 European Capital of Smart Tourism...
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Upcoming events

  • FITS Morocco 2020

    24/01/2020 - 30/01/2020
    The International Forum on Solidarity Tourism and Sustainable Development will take place from 24 to 30 January in Ouarzazate, Morocco.Regis...
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