ISTO Board of Directors in Barcelona

For the first time, the ISTO Board of Directors met in Barcelona, in the heart of Catalonia, on March 26th and 27th. The meeting, attended by a large number of administrators, was held at the facilities of the CETT Group - Campus for Tourism, Hotels and Gastronomy, ISTO member and part of the University of Barcelona. Among the topics discussed was the opening opening of the ISTO to the repsonsible tourism sector and its adaptation to the new challenges that we have to face in a difficult and fluctuating context, as well as a better consideration of members' expectations; the ongoing reflection on a better integration and coherence between the international headquarters and our regional sections as well as the preparation of the World Congress, to be held in Lyon, France, which will also be the occasion for the renewal of the mandate of half of the administrators. 

An overview of the projects and activities of the regional sections, commissions and working groups as well as a report on the financial situation were also presented. Finally, 4 new member organisations, including one from Australia, have been confirmed by the Council. On the sidelines of this meeting, representatives of ISTO also held 3 other meetings: a first with professors from the CETT Group, a second with the head of tourism in the city of Barcelona and finally a third with the Catalan Tourism Agency and Tourism Directorate of the Government of Catalonia (Generalitat).

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