South American Seminar of Associative Experiences of Rural Tourism (Chili)

The Asociación Chilena de Turismo Rural AG - ACHITUR (ISTO member) and the University of San Sebastián, with the support of the ISTO, invite you to participate in the "South American Seminar of Associative Experiences of Rural Tourism", which will take place on October 17 and 18 in Santiago, Chile. More than 300 participants are expected for this event, which will present the most important associative experiences currently taking place across South America.

This Seminar aims to "generate synergies between micro-entrepreneurs and associations of different origins working for the revitalization of tourism in rural areas as well as facilitate the creation or strengthening of informal networks between entities related to the rural tourism management at the South American level ".

The initiative for the creation of a South American seminar on the associative experiences of rural tourism is an opportunity to discuss the question of whether a society more committed to sustainable development offers new opportunities for the development of tourism in a rural environment, while analyzing the tourism activity as a vibrant and evolving ecosystem.

For more information, please contact: Mr. Luis Andrés Martínez Figueroa, Director of Achitur: