FICC World Congress - Lisbon 2018

From 21 to 23 November, the International Federation of Camping Caravanning FICC), organized its first world congress in Lisbon. At the same time celebrated its ... 85 years!

Upon the invitation of the president, João Alves Pereira, who had himself participated in the ISTO congress in Lyon, Inès Ayala Sender, president of the OITS, and Jean Marc Mignon, as a member of the world committee of ethics of UNWTO, have been invited to take the stage.

Inès Ayala, who herself was an ardent practitioner of caravanning, insisted at the end of the conference on the links that naturally link the families of social and responsible tourism and that of camping caravanning.
For his part, Jean Marc Mignon intervened in the opening session and later, during a longer, plenary session. He presented the global code of tourism ethics and highlighted all the aspects that could relate more directly to the FICC.

This congress, which brought together about 130 delegates from different parts of the world, including China, was an opportunity to follow very interesting sessions on technology, artificial intelligence, the necessary evolution of clubs and associations, evolutions at camping sites. The FICC now brings together more than 70 national associations.

The warm welcome that was reserved both to Ines Ayala and Jean Marc Mignon should be stressed.

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