TRIANGLE Internship Programme

The Internship Programme is offered as part of the European project -Tourism Research, Innovation And Next Generation Learning Experience (TRIANGLE)- that is creating a knowledge alliance of higher education institutions (universities) and businesses across Europe, delivering a sustainable tourism training system for tourism destinations and their SMEs.

The TRIANGLE Internship Programme trains students from different European countries to become experts in sustainable tourism certification and auditing techniques at national and European levels and to apply the acquired knowledge in practice. Within their placements, either at a tourism business or in a destination management organisation (DMO), the interns will conduct a sustainability auditing exercise in order to assess the status quo of your sustainability performance and develop it further based on a selected certification scheme of your choice. The exercise will be carried out according to your specific needs and may range from simply implementing a self-check to assess the compliance with a selected standard to preparing and/or taking you through an entire certification process. The internship may last from six weeks at minimum to six months at maximum.

The internship (minimum six weeks) will be financially supported by the project: travel expenses of 275 euros for international students; stay fees around 1800 euros for six weeks.

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