When photos show the importance of heritage

The photos are very beautiful, but that's not the only thing! In his exhibition "Brazil Land & Soul", João Farkas uses beauty to alert society to the need to know and preserve Brazilian heritage.
The natural heritage, first, with photos of the Pantanal ecoregion, in the state of Mato Grosso. Then the cultural heritage with portraits, faces disguised for Carnival in the city of Maragojipe.

In total, there are almost 40 photos and a video following João Farkas in his work.

João Farkas at the exhibition.

The project

The exhibition integrates the project "Documenta Pantanal" an initiative that foresees the development of multimedia actions that not only celebrate the beauty and biodiversity of this ecosystem, but also aims to raise awareness of the problem of its preservation.

In November 2018, "Brazil Land & Soul" was presented for the first time at the Brazilian Embassy in London and was visited by over 2000 people. In parallel with the exhibition, a seminar on the problems of this ecosystem was realized. It brought together Brazilian and international specialists from this biome to discuss alternatives for sustainable development and preservation, considering the possibilities of tourism development.

ISTO felt concerned by this exhibition and was therefore present during the opening.
The organization has a number of members in Brazil including some entities of the SESC (Serviço Social do Comércio). In 2014, ISTO held its world congress at SESC SP and, at its congress in 2018 in Lyon, ISTO had the honor of welcoming Chief Benki Piyako, political and spiritual leader of the Ashaninka people of Amazonia who outlined its general concept of harmonious development that respects the environment and local people and its vision of a tourism that must be controlled.

The work of João Farkas will be visible in Brussels from May 23 to July 14, 2019.

Where: Casa do Brasil - Embassy of Brazil in Belgium
Address: Avenue Louise 350, Brussels
Visiting hours: Monday to Friday, from 10am to 5pm; free entry

The Pantanal -Photo by João Farkas

The Pantanal - Photo by João Farkas