The association 'Joie et Vacances' (Floreal Group) celebrates its 80th birthday

By Yves Godin, General manager of the association "Joie et Vacances" (Floreal Group) - Belgium

Founded in 1939, our non-profit association "Joie et Vacances" ("Joy and Holidays") started by supporting the holiday centres and campsites of Algemene Centrale, the socialist trade union. 

Known for years as Club Floreal, it was renamed "Floreal Group" following a repositioning towards non-profit and solidarity tourism a few years ago. 
For 80 years, we have been working every day to offer our customers an unforgettable holiday. And we can already look back on a rich past. 

Today we count 5 holiday centres, 7 campsites and several winter and summer destinations in our brochure. For these foreign destinations, we work with colleagues in the tourism for all sector.
And we remain active! Every day, we are dedicated to the renewal of our structures. Our latest acquisition is a motorhome park located on the Floreal Blankenberge site. 

We are constantly trying to offer new products and services that meet the evolving needs and expectations of our customers and, very recently, some of our holiday centres have been renovated. Work on the other estates and campsites is also planned. 

Project "Zeejemee"

For the first time, we can announce that we will set up a cooperation project with Flemish colleagues in the sector. On the weekend of May 9 and 10, 2020, we will organize an open house weekend with a number of partners. We have named this project "zeejemee" and have already created a logo, a website and a poster for the event. There will also be beach flags, a lifebuoy gadget and XXL deckchairs. For children, in collaboration with WWF Rangerclub, we will offer a fun activity and discovery booklet.

The whole project is part of the "Week of the Sea" and we will be running the whole weekend under the theme of sustainability.  We will also develop a Facebook page, an Instagram account, a QR code, a program booklet, etc.  
All partners will seek a number of sponsors to make the project financially feasible.
We are very enthusiastic about this project and look forward to further collaboration with the sector. 

For our 80th anniversary, we specially brewed our own "Flo39" beer and judging by the many positive reactions from our customers, it tastes good!

We continue to cherish our past and union history, but we now look forward to the future.... #creatingmemoriestogether, #thebestisyettocome,......