PROFIT : Concrete results and inspiring examples

For the past three years we have been working with them on innovation in the Tourism for All sector through the PROFIT project. The event gave us the occasion to share some results and bring inspiring examples. Experts from HZ University and Westtoer (our partners in the project), crowndog management and ISTO Europe director (Luc Gobin) presented their insights and findings on business innovation, the use of the social tourism DNA within our organisations and the use of customer data.


The entrepreneurs shared their experiences and the questions asked will help us to explore future actions. The partnership of the coastal Tourism for All entrepreneurs also presented the `Zeejemee 2020' project. This is an excellent example of how collaboration leads to concrete results. `Zeejemee' is an open door weekend that will take place in May 2020, giving the chance for the large public to get to know holiday centers, youth accommodations and camping places at the Belgian coast.

'Zeejemee' presentation