The UNWTO recognizes ISTO Founder Arthur Haulot with a Lifetime Achievement Award

The ISTO is proud to announce that its founder Arthur Haulot has been awarded with the Lifetime Achievement Award by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) for his pioneer work in promoting Social Tourism and the right to Tourism for all.  This Award recognizes individuals with visionary leadership and significant contribution to the tourism sector.

Born in Belgium in 1913, Arthur Haulot dedicated his life to tourism.  He was appointed in 1939 as Commissioner General for Tourism in Belgium, a function he held during 33 years;  he played a key role in the foundation of the European Travel Commission in 1946 and in the designation in 1967 by the UN as the International Year of Tourism.  He founded the International Bureau of Social Tourism (the BITS which is now the ISTO) in 1963 where he served as Secretary General until 1988.  Mr. Haulot ensured for many years the promotion and development of Social Tourism at an international level. 

Next to his work in tourism, Mr. Haulot was also a writer and a poet and also founded the 'Biennales internationales de poésie'. 
As Mr. Haulot passed away on May 25, 2005, the Award was presented to his family, Moussia and Alexis Haulot, during the UWNTO Awards Ceremony on 20th January 2016 in the framework of the Spanish Tourism Fair FITUR.

A.Haulot Prix OMT