VTF L'Esprit Vacances

VTF 'the Holidays Spirit' is an Association of Tourism in Social Economy. Created in 1956 by militants of social origins, political and various communities, this association manages equipment of holidays permanent and seasonal. Its board of directors formed by voluntaries lays down the policy guidelines and controls its general operations. VTF "the Holidays Spirit" is a part of the Social Economy sector. Within the framework of the non-profit economy, its essential mission is to give a good holiday service, ensuring the right to holidays, by the installation of a solidarity tariff policy and the will to make holidays a place of mixed social levels implying the respect of the social and cultural differences. 

VTF addresses its activities to all publics without religious or racial exclusion. It accommodates in its facilities, families, groups, handicapped people and also all the socio-professional environment, including the most underprivileged. It takes into account the family quotient, proposes sliding scale tariffs according to the age of the children and preserves formulas of reception at small prices. VTF collaborates with social economy partners/ Local communities, company¿s committees, mutual insurance companies, Office of family benefits and the whole of the associative network. VTF is also a member of many organizations, associations and commissions such as TAC (Tourism Action Dialogue) and UNAT.

Take a look here at the online brochure of VTF 2015.

1460 Route de Galice 13097 Aix-en-Provence Cedex 2

Phone: +33 44 29 58 600

Fax: +33 44 29 58 622



Creation date: 1956

Member since: 2012

Organization type:  Association , Hosting

Segment:  Youth , Seniors , Disabled , Families