Agenzia PromoTurismoFVG - Friuli Venezia Giulia FVG

Officially created in 2006, the Agenzia Turismo FVG works towards developing the regional tourism system, through providing guidelines and collaborating with all actors of the sector.

The aim is to homogenize advertisement and increase resources through the concentration of efforts. In an increasingly demanding market, Agenzia Turismo FVG is a true destination management organisation which intends to reach its objectives via planning and organising its offer through specific products. Along with territorial planning and quality programmes the Agency offers various tools such as advertisement, providing information to the media, fairs, websites and market analysis, training, large range of publications and coordinated reception, all of which enable promo-marketing to become an indispensable reality.

3 Villa Chiozza- via Carso 33052 Cervignano del Friuli

Phone: +39 04 31 387111

Fax: +39 04 31 387199

Creation date: 2006

Member since: 2008

Organization type:  Association

Segment:  Youth , Seniors , Disabled , Families