AURIGA Società Consortile Cooperativa Sociale

Consorzio Auriga is a social organisation, founded in the late 1970's, regrouping since 1970 several social cooperatives. The main objective of Auriga is to promote social tourism and to allow fragile and underprivileged persons (disabled persons, seniors, children) to have access to tourism and to feel autonomous in this activity. Auriga offers services related to education and training, as well as support during tourist stays.

Since 1995 the Consortium Auriga has been promoting a humanist and social vision of tourism. In accordance with the Montreal Declaration on Social Tourism (1996), promotes the cultural development and the social inclusion of the people through personalized, valuable, cultural and environmental educational programs; participating in the discovery of different territories, tastes, customs and traditions.

38 Via Luigi Catanelli 06135 Perugia

Phone: +39 075 39 39 44

Fax: +39 075 39 39 44

Creation date: 1994

Member since: 2009

Organization type:  Association

Segment:  Youth , Seniors , Disabled , Families