International Social Tourism Academy ISTA

The 18th of May 2012 the International Social Tourism Academy (ISTA) was established, and registered by the Agency of the Government of Bari. The headquarters of ISTA is in Bari, Puglia Region and the operating office is in Castrolibero (CS) Calabria Region. The founding members are: Francesco Favia, Tullio Romita, Demetrio Metallo, Gianna Montecalvo, Antonella Perri, and Luca Savoja.

The Academy aims to contribute to achieving the objectives of sustainability and competitiveness of Social Tourism through Planning, training and research. The strengths of the Academy are the possibility to carry out training, consultancy for the design and ad hoc surveys. Among the expected results against objectives will require partnership agreements and international cooperation aimed at the creation of a network of contacts that celebrates and enhances the peculiarity of the Academy.

41 Via Fausto Coppi 70122 Bari

Phone: +39 06 9165.03659

Fax: + 39 06.2332.8384

Creation date: 2012

Member since: 2013

Organization type:  Academic institution

Affiliated to:  Alliance