Association Dunanba

The Dunanda association is a humanitarian association whose purpose is to offer hospitality to foreigners within the framework of solidarity tourism, and to encourage tourists to help in the local development.

- Promote tourism development respectful of cultures and their diversity as well as the protection of nature;
- Increase contacts with other organisations with the same ideals for a dynamic partnership;
- Serve as a relay between the foreign partners and the local population on the one hand, between the partners and the authorities on the other hand;
- Allow the discovery of Mali to his sons both inside and outside;
- Participate in any initiative aimed at the development of tourist activities in Mali.

Siège sis Bozola Rue 376 x Pasteur a cote de la Bank -Of Africa P.B. E-1028 Bamako

Phone: +223 2021 50 52

Creation date: 2000

Member since: 2005

Organization type:  Association

Segment:  Youth , Seniors , Disabled , Families