Segreteria di Stato per il Turismo e lo Sport di San Marino

The State Board of Tourism deals with promoting tourism in San Marino and provides both holiday makers and specialised operators with information and special offers to help plan an enjoyable stay in the most ancient Republic in the world. At the centre of such promotion are the special features, traditions and typical products of San Marino, together with a packed calendar of cultural and sports initiatives. They take part in all major trade-fairs and are strongly committed to providing every assistance to anyone wishing to visit thecountry.

San Marino for All 
The San Marino, hospitality without barriers project was created and organized by the San Marino 2000 Consortium, starting in February 2010 and aims at opening the Republic of San Marino to accessible tourism. Although the hilly nature of the landscape, as well as the medieval structure of the capital town, must be considered when planning a visit, San Marino - a World Heritage Site - could and should be accessible to people with disabilities, in accordance with the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. In order to promote local tourism and make San Marino an accessible goal, packages and special offers are available, combining tradition with culture and hospitality.


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