Co.Ri. Consorzio Di Cooperative Sociali ONLUS

The Consortium Co.Ri. is an important Italian reference point for public and private companies and was created by the synergy of more cooperatives, joined together by the common desire of ensuring a better life quality to the person, guaranteeing its physical and mental care. 

What do they do exactly? They supply high standard services in the health and welfare areas to structures who are helping elderly, disabled and children. With this gained experience, they want to provide their services also to the social, accessible and senior tourism sector. 

Via Bonifacio Lupi 20 50129 Florence

Tel.: +39 055 33 41 08

Fax: +39 055 32 16 965

Fecha de creación: 2003

Miembro desde: 2015

Tipo de Organización:  Cooperativa

Segmento:  Jóvenes , Seniors , Discapacitados , Familias , Turismo sostenible