AlterBrussels ASBL is a non for profit organization based in the municipality of Molenbeek, Brussels. Their main objective is to promote intangible heritage of the human diversity in Brussels, under various forms but mainly through alternative and convivial guided tours, workshops and gatherings. 

They organize Worldcitytrips; in different countries and regions of the world; represented in Brussels to allow people to meet each other and facilitate the human exchanges, promoting cultural diversity and economic benefits for all. They also organize AlterTours to let people discover alternative way of lives within the city in collaboration with the primary concerned (i.e., elderly, people with a disability, artists...). Finally, they organize Soulcitytrips, a kind of religious tourism or opportunities for the travelers to participate to local communities religious celebrations and thus penetrate the faiths in Brussels in a respectful manner.

Rue de la Meuse 59 1080 Bruxelles

Phone: +32 (0)2 319 40 76

Creation date: 2013

Member since: 2017

Organization type:  Association