Association pour le Tourisme Equitable et Solidaire ATES

Association pour le Tourisme Equitable et Solidaire (ATES) : Mission: to support the development of concepts and products of fair & inclusive tourism since their definition to their marketing and ratings.

ATES has been created in 2006 by UNAT (National Union for Tourism Associations), PFCE (National FairTrade Network , LVT (Travel & Leisure Associations Federation) and professionnal travel associations. ATES brings together associations selected on the basis of a grid of high ethical standards, working in the same approach: implement a tourism development that helps local host regions, as part of a close partnership with local communities and their representatives. Gathering has 35 committed members around a common charter, the ATES is the first national network of fair & inclusive tourism.

Rue César Franck 8 75015 Paris

Phone: +33 (0)1 47 83 48 27

Creation date: 2006

Member since: 2017

Organization type:  Association

Segment:  Responsible Tourism