ViaVia Tourism Academy

ViaVia Tourism Academy is an autonomous non-profit centre of Expertise and Education in Sustainable Tourism Development, operative on four continents. The Academy grew out of the socially responsible entrepreneurship approach of the worldwide network of Joker/ViaVia Traveler Cafés. Its aim is the deployment of Sustainable Tourism as tool for economic, social and cultural development, and as source for better understanding and inclusive societies. 

The mission of the ViaVia Tourism Academy is to develop, apply and share Knowledge and Experience in Sustainable Tourism Development with private and public beneficiaries in South and North regions where tourism is prioritized in order to increase prosperity and inclusive societies.

Geerdegemvaart 96-98 2800 Mechelen, Belgium

Phone: +3215407560

Creation date: 2001

Member since: 2017

Organization type:  Association

Segment:  Sustainable Tourism , Responsible Tourism