Hungarian National Foundation for Recreation HNFR

The Hungarian National Foundation for Recreation (HNFR) has been running the main social tourism initiative in Hungary for more than 20 years. HNFR is a non-profit organisation established by the Hungarian government and 6 Trade Union Confederations with the mission to encourage the participation of socially disadvantaged groups in tourism, mainly for Trade Union members based on state owned real estates. 

From 2012, a new social tourism initiative has been launched in Hungary, called the "Erszébet Program". The Erzsébet Program is the largest national social tourism programme, involving each year over 1% of the country's population in domestic tourism through social tourism grants. It provides recreational options for seniors, large families, disabled people and children.

Hermina út 63 1146 Budapest

Phone: +36 1 505 8644

Creation date: 1998

Member since: 2017

Organization type:  Foundation

Segment:  Youth