Liberaal Ondersteuningspunt Libo

The association Liberaal Ondersteuningspunt supports the management of residences affiliated to it and approved by Toerisme Vlaanderen. To this end, the association offers different services to the affiliated residences: train the staff working in the residences; assist the management of the residences; develop new tourist products; examine the profile of the specific targeted groups; examine the market and the tourist development, with particular attention required for targeted groups mentioned in the decree 'Tourism for All' of 18-07-2003 from the Flemish community; take measures within the scope of international tourism; stimulate the holiday experience of the destitute and ensure their promotion. The association pays particular attention to holidays for family, the youth, people in financial difficulties, people with disabilities and single-parent families.

25 Rue de Livourne 1050 Bruxelles

Phone: +32 2 542 86 91

Fax: +32 2 538 88 61

Creation date: 2004

Member since: 2006

Organization type:  Association

Segment:  Youth , Seniors , Disabled , Families