Fédération Béninoise des Organisations du Tourisme Responsable et Solidaire FBO-TRS

The Beninese organizations ECO-BENIN, SANDOTOUR, CPN les Papillons, CIDEV, CREDI et TDS Voyages-Bénin have created, in 2008, the FBO-TRS, the Beninese Federation of Organizations for Responsible and United Tourism to act in a coherent way on a national level. The organizations have    put in place actions to reduce the negative consequences of tourism on the environment and they aim to encourage a responsible and united tourism which not only improves the quality of life but is also beneficial for the natural and cultural resources of the local destinations in Benin. 
The Federation aims to:
-promote and assure the development of responsible and united tourism in Benin
- make sure that social, cultural and environmental balances in accommodation centres are respected
- elaborate criteria for the practice of responsible and united tourism
- promote the certification of local destinations and the development of synergies with exterior actors who play a role in the development of alternative forms of tourism such as ecotourism, rural tourism, fair tourism and agritourism, etc.

06 BP310 Cotonou

Phone: +229 21 32 25 09

Fax: +229 95 79 52 24



Creation date: 2008

Member since: 2009

Organization type:  Association

Segment:  Youth , Seniors , Disabled , Families