Gîte 1515 Joliette CCHM

The Cuisine Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, based in Montréal, is a non-lucrative organisation gathering and supporting families and poor people in the area where it is based and helps them to become self-supporting. The organization, working in the sector of social economy, also owns a tourist house, the profits of which are used to train people excluded from the labor market. The house also aims to answer the demand of housing 'social' visitors, that is, employees of community organisations or national groupings and to give the opportunity to stay in Montréal at a reasonable price according to their revenue or the one of the organization.

3568, Rue Adam H1W 1Y9 Montréal

Phone: + 1 514 529 0789

Fax: +1 514 529 1186



Creation date: 2004

Member since: 2006

Organization type:  Association , Hosting

Segment:  Youth , Seniors , Disabled , Families