Association Découverte Togo Profond ADETOP

The youth of the village who created ADETOP understood that their country deserves to be discovered and to be visited. They trained tour guides, started partnerships with other countries and companies such as recently Air France. Their goal is simple: the well-being of communities through education on the environment, the preservation and enhancement of natural resources through tourism. But not just any kind of tourism: a fair and sustainable tourism that actually benefits the population.

Aware of the negative effects of mass tourism and taking into account sustainable development issues, membres of ADETOP have been working for years to reconcile economic, social and environmental development through alternative tourism. The NGO has forged solid experience and guides to ensure the success of the stays they offer and the projects they are implementing, all with repsect to the surrounding communities.

Route de Missahoe BP 523 Kpalimé

Phone: +228 90 08 88 54

Creation date: 1996

Member since: 2016

Organization type:  Association

Segment:  Youth , Families , Sustainable Tourism