Conclusions -

The conclusions and key findings of the SENTour project where presented on its end conference on 24 May 2016. The main purpose of the project, done by ISTO and different partners, was to facilitate transnational tourism exchanges for seniors in the low season within the European domestic market. 

Key results of the project:
  • Senior patterns are changing: a “next“ tourism generation of senior tourists with new needs has been detected
  • Specific needs for low season travel was defined
  • A European Knowledge centre and Network on Senior Tourism was launched
  • New SME test for senior specialised packages

‘SENTour Connect’ was one of the COSME projects that were co-funded by the European Union. For this project, the partners (Urban Planning Institute of Slovenia, Fundação INATEL, Happy Age, ANCV, Think Camp and Floreal Group) prepared some packages taking into account several criteria that were based on 3  important principles: sustainability, social responsibility and active ageing. The project not only had a theoretically approach, the results and ideas where actually tested in four pilot-packages with some interesting findings as a result. The final report gives an overview of the project, its methodology, the pilot packages and its conclusions.

Launch of platform on senior tourism:
We invite you to take a look at the new platform on Senior Tourism that was launched during this end conference: This platform wants to give more visibility to the senior market at European level: it’s the first platform that gives an overview of senior tourism organisations, SME’s on European level. Organisations can even subscribe if their senior-organisation isn’t yet on the list of the network. Moreover, the knowledge centre on senior tourism can work inspiring for the future. Last but not least, a tool was developed to see how senior friendly a package is. 

At the end of the meeting a Common Declaration was signed with different partners that engage themselves in sharing their expertise on senior tourism and cooperating together in the future.

All presentations of the final conference are available on 

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