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The ISTO Europe section is responsible for the promotion and development of Tourism for All in Europe and maintains contacts with the bodies of the European Union (the European Commission, the European Parliament, the Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions), so that the question of ‘Tourism for All’ is taken into account in policies and programs. 

The purpose of ISTO Europe is to allow European members to exchange their views and experiences on topics resulting from their membership to ISTO. Being part of a network of experts of Tourism for All provides access to many international information. In a world where Europe is unavoidable, being aware of the tourism measures and actions taken at European level, is a privilege for our members. 

You can find the measures and actions taken by ISTO Europe in the Strategic Plan “A European Travel Experience for Everyone”. Among the actions for the next five years, the development of innovation in Tourism for All will be very important.

Joining ISTO will allow you to invest in the future of your organisation, association, holiday centre, travel agency, region or country.

The lines of work for the next five years can be summarized as the following:
  • Active participation, representation in the context of tourism-related activities of the European Commission and relations with the European Parliament;
  • Creation of a European centre of expertise to share best practices, with an information database and accessible research;
  • Creating a ‘Passport Tourism for All Europe’ where members have access to detailed information on the Tourism for All policy in different countries;
  • Organise an “Innovation Lab Europe” of learning networks for members from at least 3 countries on topics related to operations, marketing, quality of life, ...;
  • Incentive to support projects between European members;
  • Possible participation in studies on social tourism policies in the European Union or in European countries.
The activities are managed by the ISTO Europe Director, supported by the European Coordination Committee, where members are elected every two years.  

Are you an ISTO member? Join ISTO Europe on the Yammer platform and start engaging with other members on different topics. E-mail to ask for an invitation. 

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Director ISTO Europe
Luc Gobin