ISTO Africa

As it did on other continents, ISTO opened a section for Africa in 2004, with an office in Benin. The mandate of ISTO Africa is to:
  • Promote the concept of social tourism on the continent;
  • Participate in solving problems, and realizing actions, in accordance with ISTO projects and programmes of interest;
  • Support and advise regional members and facilitate their cooperation and mutual aid;
  • Encourage development of relations wit other regional and sub-regional organisations;
  • Cooperate with ISTO governing bodies and other sections;
  • Represent ISTO to public authorities.
A positive note is that, in several countries, there has been significant progress in the promotion of social tourism, through actions of associations and NGO's aimed at low or middle-income social groups. Unfortunatly, the conflicts and socio-political turmoil that have been going on for the last few years on the African continent are not conductive to strenghtening the many achievements in the promotion of social and fair tourism. ISTO is aware of the magnitude of the task ahead, with all the challenges we have to face to achieve the harmonious development of social tourism in Africa. 

ISTO Africa is aimed at aiding the development of social tourism in Africa where useful to the benefit of the local population and the development of solidarity tourism in Africa.


The section is now based in Cotonou, Benin, in the offices of the association Eco-Bénin. 

Postal address Abomey-Calavi, Rue fin clôture UAC
03 BP 1667; Cotonou ; République du Bénin 
Tel. +229 95 79 52 24 / 97 27 31 57
Skype gautier.amoussou

Gautier Amoussou