Alliance on research

Social Tourism can mean very different things in different countires. Accordingly, systems and beneficiaries vary considerably from one country to another. Societal changes and changes in the funding structures require social tourism to reconsider its position and role in society today.
Moreover, although the introduction of social tourism goes back to the beginnings of mass tourism, it is only recently that it has a place in university research. While research projects have emerged in several countries, only some of them have been published and we there are no connections between the developed theoretical discourse on social tourism in different countries.

Keeping this in mind, in 2010 ISTO created the Alliance on Training and Research in Social and Fair Tourism. One of the goals of the Alliance is to provide a platform for researchers active in the field of social tourism and promote scientific collaboration and exchange between researchers. 

The Alliance is currently coordinated by Anya Diekmann, Professor at the Université libre de Bruxelles where she teaches in the master of Science in Tourism and Management and co-directs the Interdisciplinary Laboratory on Tourism, Territories and societies (LIToTeS). 

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Coordinator (2013-...)
Anya Diekmann