Backpacker Europe project

The Backpacker Europe project aims to enlarge and implement the Sac Ados project, developed by our French partner Vacances Ouvertes in France, to a European setting. Backpacker Europe is an initiative with which we try to help young people without any European travel experience to prepare and experience their holiday. For the project we receive support from the Erasmus + program. 

Project partners:

ENDAS (Italy)
Volkstoerisme vzw (Belgiqium)
Vakantieparticipatie, Visit Flanders (Flandre, Belgium)

Update 27/07/2018 - Partner meeting in Rome 

On the 22nd of June we had the first meeting with our ‘strategic partnership for youth’ within the framework of Erasmus+ in Rome. Partners from Italy (ENDAS), Germany (BundesForum), France (Vacances Ouvertes), Belgium (Volkstoerisme, Flanders Tourism & Gîtes d’Etappe)  and ISTO gathered to make the first steps for the realization of the ‘Start to Backpacker Europe’ project. Building upon the experience and expertise of the Vacances Ouvertes with their good practice ‘Sac Ados’, we are looking to develop an initiative with which we help young people without any European travel experience to prepare and experience their first, autonomous holiday.

Central to the project are youth, holidays and mobility. ‘Start to Backpacker Europe’ also contains important social and political dimensions. It stresses the importance of social inclusion, the development of transferable competences, the strengthening of European citizenship and the reinforcement of tolerance and wellbeing through holiday experiences.

This first, inspiring partner meeting was colored by an enthusiastic participation of young professionals. After an introduction of the projects’ setup and goals, the ‘Sac Ados’ project and its application in France all partners contributed in thinking ahead on how to adapt the existing practice to a broader, European context. 

ISTO would like to thank Pierpaolo Chiumera, our Italian host from ENDAS, for the excellent reception in the beautiful city of Rome, where we enjoyed a guided tour at Campidoglio, the city hall, and the delightful cuisine that Italy has to offer.