Family Tourism

Among the different groups targeted by social tourism actors, families definitely constitute an important segment, and speaking of "family tourism" is certainly not out of place. Moreover it seems that this type of tourism is very successful: more accommodation centers, traveler's websites and portals, promotional leaflets are focusing on this market segment.  

In 2011, ISTO has published a magazine with a dossier on Family Tourism:

Publications on Family Tourism

Family Tourism: Multidisciplinary Perspectives.

The family remains at the emotional heart of society, and makes up a significant proportion of the tourism market. However, the concept of family has changed over the decades and there are now different types of families that have their own unique attributes and needs. Families may have one parent or two, who may or may not be of different genders. This cutting-edge book constructs a multidisciplinary perspective on family tourism by discussing various types of families; how parents and children influence travel behaviours now and in the future and how family holidays may also be linked to stress. Family Tourism: Multidisciplinary Perspectives provides a compilation of issues from academic writers around the globe, to provide a range of perspectives linked by a common theme of family tourism with a futures perspective.