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What are the criteria for becoming a member?

The ISTO aims at attracting several types of organisations, such as national governments, regional and local authorities, e.g. communities, state-owned companies, private companies, associations, and social tourism cooperatives whose activities are based on the values and goals of a social and sustainable economy.

Aspiring members should subscribe to the values of the social and sustainable economy as well as the ISTO Montreal Declaration and its Aubagne Addendum.

What are the membership categories and fees?

There are different levels of membership fees for full members, according to their division in various Boards as defined in the new statutes adopted at the ISTO General Assembly in October 2017.

[Download an overview of the categories and fees]


Board of States and Federated States

• Level 1: National Authority

Board of Local and Regional Authorities

• Level 2: Municipality, city, grouped municipalities or agglomeration community 

• Level 3: Departments, province, region, state (federated)

Board of Actors of social, Responsible and Fair Tourism

• Level 4: Organisations of LDC’s (less developed countries)*

• Level 5: Organisation ≤ 3 employees

• Level 6a: « one-unit » organisations ≥ 4 employees (youth hostel, independent holiday centre, travel agency or association,...)

• Level 6b: « regional » organisation linked to or member of a professional group or national network

• Level 6c: Network of operators or tourism stakeholders ≤ 3 employees at the headquarters → any group with a non-profit purpose

• Level 7: Organisation with facilities, offices, agencies, sales points, members … in several departments, provinces, regions in the same country

• Level 8: National group or professional network, umbrella organisation, public/national agency, public foundation


• Level 9: Member of national networks who have full members of level 6 

• Level 10: Member of national networks who have full members of level 7 

• Level 11 : NGO (any non-profit association not under a state or intern. institution) non-specialized or exclusively involved in tourism

• Level 12 : Academic institution, trade-union, foundation, research company, …  non-specialized or exclusively involved in tourism

* Any public or private organisation coming from one of the 84 countries considered by the World Bank to be Low Income (https://donnees.banquemondiale.org/?locations=XN-XM)

Membership benefits

How to become a member?

You can download the Membership application form and send it to rvanlaer@oits-isto.org,
or fill in your application direclty below in the form: