Magazine on Senior Tourism


The share of the elderly is significantly increasing, and this a constant worldwide: the 60+ age category is expected to reach 1.3 billion people by 2030. In this regard, it’s not so odd that in the last few decades the senior market has become a driving force in the tourism industry, and hereby is one of the fastest growing market segments too. Generally speaking, retired seniors have more free time which they want to spend on tourism. When it comes to traveling, seniors tend to be quality conscious and demanding, particularly with safety and sustainable services and infrastructure. Moreover, they wish to have the freedom of choice but hope to have the guidance and sense of security well organised packages offer. You can see that senior tourism is a very specific segment, with very specific needs. In this dossier, we want to explore the senior tourism sector a bit more by giving the reader some worldwide examples of organisations that work with seniors. Furthermore, we start this dossier with an interview with Dr. Ian Patterson, experienced in senior tourism.