5th meeting of the Alliance on Training and Research in Social and Fair Tourism (International Social Tourism Organisation - ISTO)

 7th June 2019

UFR Esthua Tourisme et Culture

Université d'Angers

 Multidisciplinary workshop


 Social tourism, Fair tourism:

What interrelations?  


The Alliance on Training and Research in Social and Fair Tourism, created in 2010 within the International Social Tourism Organisation (ISTO), is a platform of researchers and practitioners interested in academic research aiming at exchanging and providing knowledge, training and research in social and fair tourism.

In the 2017 edition of its statutes (article 3), ISTO defines social tourism as as any activity contributing to a greater access to holidays and tourism activities for everyone. ISTO defines responsible and fair tourism as any forms of people-oriented travel or holidays, based on discovery, encounters and exchanges with local communities and contributing to the well-balanced development of the destination areas.

For the 5th edition of the Alliance meeting, we suggest a one-day workshop questioning the relevance and topicality of the concepts of social and fair tourism, as well as their possible divergences and commonalities from various perspectives:

·       Sociological

·       Spatial

·       Economical

·       Anthropological

·       Legal

·       Political/policy

We invite researchers to present their research led at different levels (local - international). Methodological aspects as well as case studies should be clearly highlighted. Selected papers will be published.

Please send an abstract of max. 500 words (English or French) to

Deadline for submission: 1 March 2019

Response to the authors: 1 April 2019

For questions related to the Alliance meeting, please contact :

Anya Diekmann,

Louis Jolin,

Laurence Moisy,

Publication Russian International Academy for Tourism: "Accessible, Social and Mass Tourism."

The uniqueness of this publication lies in the fact that for the first time in domestic scientific literature, contemporary scientific ideas regarding accessible, social, mass and sustainable tourism were analyzed on a systematic basis as an instrument of peoples' recovery and spiritual development. 

The monograph presents:
- Concepts and industry programs for health protection of a healthy man;
- Perspectives of children and youth tourism development; 
- International experiences of social and accessible tourism development in Europe;
- Foreign systems of social tourism and schemes of implementation.

Research perspectives on hydrotherapy and climatotherapy, a rational use of the potential of Russia and the role of tourism and recreational clusters; it all gives emphasis to legal support of social tourism in Russia, safety in tourism in general. Furthermore, a classification of tourism types is presented.

Authors consider the enhancing of the quality of tourism eployees in the sphere of accessible, social and mass tourism one of the most important matters. In this connection, it is suggested to actively implement specialized corporate training programs, professional, advanced training of tourism employees. 

Chapters written by the Doctor of Political Sciences, Rector of the Russian International Academy for Tourism Evgeny Trofimov, are devoted to the roles of social tourism for the nation with respect to international experience. The team of authors includes representatives of the scientific school of the RIAT and a number of the leading Russian and foreign scientists and specialists.

Foreign experience of social and health tourism is provided by the European colleagues: president of Worldwide Federation of Hydrotherapy and Climatotherapy (FEMTEC), Professor of the University Milan-Bicocca Umberto Solimene, Researcher of Department of Biomedical Sciences for Health of the University of Milan Condemi Vincenzo, Doctor of Law (University of Cambridge), Senior Lecturer of Law & Economics at the University of Bologna Alceste Santuari.
The publication is intended for researchers, teachers, graduate students and undergraduates specializing in the field of recreation and tourism and the training of tourism employees. 

For more info, please contact Alexey Ryabov at inter.rmat@gmail.comHead of the RIAT Centre for International Educational Programs and Projects.

Evgeny Trofimov at the presentation ceremony of the Federation Council (Senate) of Russia